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About Us

Mission is to provide
sound technical dance training
and opportunities
for students to perform.

We Believe
a balance between the two
provides the best dance education
for the recreational dancer
and for the serious student.

Our Students

  • Recent Scholarship Recipients:
    • Daniel Alvi
      Maya Baker
      Naudiyah Langdale
      Sophie Liberatore
      Brown'nesha Willis Glasgow
      Jessie Wilson


Jessica Lowe, Student, York University
"Dartmtouth Dance Academy and Fusion Dance Team have not only given me the proper training to continue pursuing a professional dance career, but they've created life-lasting friendships and given me constant positivity and support throughout every stage of my dance journey."

Stephanie LeBlanc, Parent
"DDA has been a wonderful experience for our children. The teachers are highly educated, passionate, and dedicated to helping children learn and grow. They provide a wonderful environment where everyone is made to feel like they are an important part of a loving family. Our children have made so many wonderful friends and have grown from all of the wonderful experiences that have been provided by DDA and their staff. Two years ago we decided to register our children at DDA, and we must say that it has been the best decision we have made with regards to their dance lives. "

Key Upcoming Dates

  • 1

    May 8 / 10 (CHP) & 9 / 12 (DS) - Photography Days



  • 2

    April 6 (CHP) / 7 (DS) - CDTA Exam Day



  • 3

    May 31 - Year-End Dance Recital (Bella Rose Arts Centre)